Gas Constant in Ideal Gas Law

Values of Gas Constant in Ideal Gas Law

Values of Gas Constant in ideal gas law can vary depending on the units used, this short article discuss what is the ideal gas law and provides some common values used for the ideal gas law equation.

What is the Ideal Gas Law?

Values of Gas Constant in Ideal Gas Law

The Ideal Gas Law States that,


P= Pressure of Gas
V= Volume of n moles of gas 
n= number of moles of gas, which is also defined as weight/molecular weight
R= Gas Constant
T= Temperature

This equation only works when all the gases are behaving themselves in other word ideal gas state. There is a relationship between Pressure, Volume and Temperature when using this equation. This equation also allows us to approximate the behaviour of gases.  Using this ideal gas we can also determine the weight of a gas if the volume is known and vice-versa.

ParametersEnglishMetric S.I
Pressure1 atm1.033 kgf3/cm21.01325 bar
Gas Constant0.73 atm ft3/lb mole oR0.085 kgf m3/k mole K0.083 Bar m3/k mole K
Molar Volume359 ft3/lb mole22.414 m3/k mole22.414 m3/k mole
Temperature492 oR273 K273 K
Normal Pressure and Temperature Standard Conditions

Values of Gas Constant

Gas constant R is universal, a dimensional quantity.

R values depend on the Units involved. The table below summarizes the values used for the gas constant at different measurement units in relation to the ideal gas law.

TemperaturePressureVolumeGas Constant ‘R’Units of Gas Constant
Rpsiain318.51 in3 psia/lb mole R
Rpsiaft310.73ft3 psia/lb mole R
Ratmospheresft30.73ft3 atm/lb mole R
Rlbf/ft2ft31545.35ft lbf/lb mole R
KPam38314m3 Pa/k mole K
Katmospheresm30.08206m3 atm/k mole K
Katmospherescm382.06cm3 atm/g mole K
Kcm Hgcm36239.79(cm3 cm Hg) g mole K
KkPam38.314kJ/kg mole K
KPam38314.47J/kg mole K
Values of Gas constant in ideal gas law

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