TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations – TEMA Shell types Part 2


TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations | TEMA Shell types

Part 2 of 3

This part will provide a short summary on the TEMA Shell types and designations available. The types listed here are the ones that TEMA standards refers to. However depending on the application special types can be manufactured.

General purpose shell, one pass shell, high heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop also the most common type used

TEMA Shell Types
TEMA Shell Types

Two pass shell with longitudinal baffles, For temperature cross, low shell DP utilization applications, improve cross flow correction factor.

Split flow arrangement, For horizontal thermosyphon, used to also minimize the pressure drop.

Divided flow, no internal baffle, used also to minimize the presure drop, For condensers where nozzle size is constraint with respect to shell diameter

Cross flow, no baffles, Condensers where pressure drop allowed on shell side is very low (e.g. vacuum condensers), Low pressure drop.

Kettle type exchangers mainly vaporizing services (Refrigiration, Reboilers, Steam Generators)

Standards of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association, 7th Edition, TEMA Incorporated, Tarry town, Newyork, 1978

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