TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations – TEMA Rear End head types Part 3

TEMA Rear Head types
TEMA Rear Head types

TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations | TEMA Rear head types

Part 3 of 3

This part provides a short summary onf the TEMA rear head types

– Used for low tube side pressure and fouling tube side fluid

– Used for high tube side pressure and relatively less fouling tube side fluid

– For toxic or hazardous fluids where intermixing of shell and tube side fluids is to be avoided.

– Outside packed floating head

– U-tube exchangers
– If frequent mechanical cleaning of tube side is needed then this type isn’t recommended. However if chemical cleaning is specified this type is good for such application.
– Good for high pressure applications

– Very common
– Recommended if mechanical cleaning of shell side is infrequent
– The assembly of tube sheets can move within the shell cover allowing it to absorb expansion of tubes
– Floating tube sheet between split ring and tube sheet cover.

– Pull through floating head
– Used for kettle reboilers
– Rear head doesn’t need disassembly if bundle need removal
– Would normally result in larger shell diameter for the same heat transfer surface.
– If frequent mechanical cleaning of shell side is needed then this type is recommended

Standards of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association, 7th Edition, TEMA Incorporated, Tarry town, Newyork, 1978

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