Recommended Shell and Tube side velocities


Recommended shell and tube side velocities values are listed below, the values can be used for preliminary design purpose when designing shell and tube heat exchangers, these are guidelines that are in place as lower velocities can cause fouling issues and very high velocities can cause erosion issues. If there […]

How to adjust pressure drop in heat exchangers


How to adjust pressure drop in heat exchangers This is a quick guide on how to adjust the pressure drops in shell and tube heat exchangers. This short article assumes that you are in a simulation stage and have already calculated both shell side pressure drop and tube side pressure […]

Compressors a general guideline


Compressors a general guideline This short article discusses some general guidelines for industrial compressors. The purpose of this article is to provide a quick summary of findings for general understanding. It is assumed that you have a general understanding of industrial compressors.

How to Calculate the Log Mean Temperature Difference


How to Calculate the Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD) This short article aims to show you how to calculate the LMTD for Counter current flow and Co-current flow also called (Parallel flow). The calculation has been referenced by many text books. You can also download the free calculator attached with […]

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