TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations – Front End Part 1


TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations | Front End head types

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Shell and tube heat exchangrs can be divided into three major parts, these parts are the front head, shell section, and rear head. Each of these components is available in a number of standard designs. This article only discuss the designations provided in TEMA standards.TEMA Front End Types

TEMA standards identify the parts by an alphabetic character. A heat exchanger unit is designated using the designations of front head, shell, and rear head. It consist of three alphabetic characters each ,represents a part, such as AES, AKT, AJW, BEM, AEP, and CFU.  There are seven major types of shells, five types of front heads, and eight types of rear heads.

The figure on the right shows the available front end types.

Additional special types of shells and heads are also available depending upon the applications and customer needs.

– Used for low tubeside pressure and fouling tubeside fluid
– Most commonly used
– The flanged channel end costly and prone to leakage
– Used for high tubeside pressure and relatively less fouling tubeside fluid
– less costly and less prone to leakage than type A
– Can be use with fixed or removable tube bundles
C and N
– Used for toxic or hazardous fluids where intermixing of shell and tubeside fluids is to be avoided.

Standards of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association, 7th Edition, TEMA Incorporated, Tarry town, Newyork, 1978

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TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations – TEMA Shell types Part 2

TEMA Heat Exchanger Designations | TEMA Shell types Part 2 of 3 This part will provide a short summary on the TEMA Shell types and designations available. The types listed here are the ones that TEMA standards refers to. However depending on the application special types can be manufactured.
TEMA Shell Types

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